Recording of “Door”



What would you conceal?
Or open to. Could you unfurl

your fist to daylight
and shudder loss away — one key,

one digit, one death — presuming the universe
and all its hinges available for inspection

behind yet another unlatched presence.
And this spinning disk,

how shall we step off? Every moon
sheds its coat. Listening, I turn the knob.


“Door” first appeared on the blog in September 2016.

20 thoughts on “Recording of “Door”

  1. It seems that, with each poem you read, I process in slightly different ways, appreciating the nuances even more.
    The thought of the fist unfurling, having turned the knob, palm up and fingers opening to release possibilities, just as the the open door would.
    Or, the the knob as the fist, opening to those possibilities. Or, the knob as the moon, one step to greater things.
    And the spinning disk… the plane of the knob… the plane of our existence, once again, open to possibilities.

    Then again, conversations with you have led me to analyze/understand your subtleties.

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