Recording of “Forgetting Charm”

“Forgetting Charm” first appeared in Issue Two of The Icarus Anthology.


26 thoughts on “Recording of “Forgetting Charm”

      • I will take the blame on that one πŸ™‚ not only did I understand your meaning better, the music choice added a polished depth to the reading. I guess we’ve been spoiled by all of the musical scores in our movies and such. Listening to poem recitation that is voice alone leaves me to envision the poet in a “clean room” wearing a paper suit and a shower cap. Never read poetry while wearing gloves in an hermetically sealed environment! I would put this recording on my phone and listen to it as a creative kick start to my day. (Which is what I did today, so thank you.)

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  1. Thank you for not posting the poem, Robert😊. At first I thought I wanted to follow along, but it was a pleasure to close my eyes to hear you say things like “in our house/the tang of burnt sugars….;” “fragmented memories fill our cupboards;” and then to try and visualize words being buried in daylight.

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    • You’re welcome, Leslie! Since the publication was so recent, I didn’t want to post the poem on the blog, and instead provided a link. I get requests for both – recordings with poems, and recordings without them, so I suppose I’ll do a little of both. πŸ™‚

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