Creek Haibun

Creek Haibun

The creek’s waters flow so quickly that I make little headway in my attempt to cross. A water moccasin slips by, and my left boot takes on water. This is not real, I say. We’ve had no rain and I would not be so foolish as to do this. Asleep? Perhaps, but I’ve passed the halfway point and have no choice but to move forward. I slip and nearly pitch headfirst into the dark current. Lightning stitches the sky.

dreaming, the snake

swims against floodwaters

oh, what have I lost?

13 thoughts on “Creek Haibun

  1. Creeks are magical. Looking back, they have always been a source of inspiration and and occasional bliss for me. The only haibun I’ve attempted was about such an experience while padding and encountering the only bobcat I have ever seen in the wild. This happen years ago and inspired a poem…but I never felt satisfied with my attempt. A few months ago I tried another version of the poem using the haibun form and it seems to work better…for me. Perhaps, there is a form, more perfect, for expressing every idea or experience and that is what all this poetry stuff is about….slick rocks and current.

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  2. This is a wonderful match of form and content, and the “passed the halfway point” and “what have I lost” are such evocative phrases. For me, that’s a bit of inspiration to ‘dare” more. Thank you.

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