Poem Up at The High Window

My poem “Five” is included in the summer edition of The High Window. Many thanks to editor David Cooke for taking this piece. The issue is spectacular – I’m delighted to have a poem appear in it.

20 thoughts on “Poem Up at The High Window

  1. Congratulations Robert, I’ve been over to have a read, wow, what a magnificent collection of poems, I’ll go pour us a glass of vintage port each to celebrate, cheers, my friend.

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  2. Call me a nerd, but I can’t get past the line “the product of the first female and male numbers” because 5 is a prime number, a product of one and itself. And I’m trying to figure out whether 1 is female, but it is odd and so is 5, so that would make them the same gender…..sooo, my mind then gives up and fixates on rock, paper, scissors. Reader response can be quite strange, can’t it?

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