In This I Find You Again


In This I Find You Again

If there is truth to be found
let someone find it. The yellow

rose rests in its jar. Day and
night it looks out through the glass

at the world of altered
lines, sensing, perhaps, beauty

through its failure to prevent
fading. Each morning I wake

and think of you. The hibiscus
on our patio readies itself to blossom,

but pauses as if to prolong
the moment, waiting for a reason

to end its denial. Then it unfolds.
You are all I care to find.

* * *
Written in the 80s, this last appeared here in December 2016.


34 thoughts on “In This I Find You Again

  1. Love the poignancy of this poem, the juxtaposition of the aging, fading rose with the blooming of the hibiscus. Well wrought, younger Bob! You’re going to be pleased with near-60 Bob. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Near-60 Bob is wise, as is proper. This piece speaks to me deeply. Thank you for sharing it with us. I feel, at 46, at times like the rose watching the world from her aged vantage point, and other times like the new-blossomed hibiscus. And while I will never find a human to long for that way (it’s true, and arguing won’t change it *smiles*), I did spend 3.5 decades longing for a spiritual idea in a similar but different way. That whole era of longing felt to me much the way this poem of yours makes me feel. Perhaps that makes no sense. And that’s ok. ~Odd Bean Toad, signing off for the day!

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  2. I love the yellow rose
    that rests imprisoned
    living in a glass jar
    and wondered if this
    was the only solution
    to prevent its fading.
    If someone would come
    and steal all its petals
    as our freedom is now
    kept in a similar jar.
    Altered world and reason
    I want out of that prison,
    I felt the rose would tell.
    And then felt the hibiscus
    as lovely as the one
    I saw in the garden of hope.

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