My Poem, “Scarecrow Votes,” is Up at Vox Populi

My poem, ‘Scarecrow Votes,” is up at Vox Populi, alongside Jenne Andrews’ call for revolution. Trump’s horrific separation of families policy must end! Thank you to Michael Simms for responding and publishing the poem so quickly.

24 thoughts on “My Poem, “Scarecrow Votes,” is Up at Vox Populi

  1. “My voice, swelling through the wind-blown grain, expands across the plains, casts my vote with every gust…”

    May Scarecrow’s psychic gusts be our tulpa to effect the just end for that stomach-turning aberration squatting in the White House, that every rational and humane one of us has been envisioning…

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  2. aw man, pardon my french, but shit just got real starting with: “But can a young bird/ stolen from its mother thrive?”

    the following lines get stronger and stronger, with the last one being powerful.

    Thanks for this, and thanks for reminding us to be vigilant and brave in a time most brutal.

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  3. There is no humanity, so much easier to just blame some “other.” How many times have we watched this play out in history? And yet it’s still the same completely predictable, slo-mo crash. We haven’t learned, or haven’t bothered to learn.

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