Not away, but after
or contrary,

the reversal indicative
and untoward: scratching,

she spirals to the perfect
spot between us, touching both,

then sighs. In comfort, in ecstasy,
in contentment, who can say?

But we sigh in response.


“Dog” first appeared on the blog in October 2014. The photo is of Apollonia, aka Apple.

12 thoughts on “Dog

  1. Dogs have MANY tricks to connect their humans! Ours keeps connecting us to people we would otherwise think of as strangers … turned into friends with some wags of tail and the body spiraling as in your poem. 😌

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    • Dogs are miracle workers! Back when we had a bookstore, people would come in just to visit our miniature schnauzer. She had a few favorite customers who would carry her around the store, talking to her, asking for advice on purchases. She was quite the salesdog. 🙂

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  2. My son in law’s dog has to sit on the sofa beside someone with his behind or a rear leg making contact. He’s a little tough guy, but shakes during thunderstorms. A bit of a softy when it comes down to it.

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