2 Poems Up at Lost River Literary Magazine

My poems “Letter to Schnee from the Stent’s Void” and “Genealogy Dream” are live in Issue 4 of Lost River literary magazine. Many thanks to editor Leigh Cheak for publishing these two.

23 thoughts on “2 Poems Up at Lost River Literary Magazine

  1. These two are marvelous, masterful, devastating, Sir Robert. I’d go as far as to say they’re among your absolute best. The prosey, conversational quality in these pieces (that is, in contrast to some of your more minimalist work) lets us see more of the wondrous human entity that gave them life — what a gift! — whose ability to apprehend, synthesize, and disseminate experiential truth is on an order so rarely encountered anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE… “Genealogy Dream” is complexly, heart-rendingly gorgeous — exquisite. Congrats on this placement, and thank you for “engendering” and blessing the world with such beautiful depth and clarity.

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  2. congratulations…
    My brother had a sixth grade fight that he lost…he worked out until he could get revenge, then the other kid’s father came to my parents and complained! His crime was being a good student (nerd, let’s face it) with thick glasses. It would be nice to think that boy never bothered any other kids again. But I expect he learned nothing from the experience. (K)

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