Apricot Wood


Apricot Wood

I built a frame of apricot
wood. This was for you. The clouds float
through it even as I sleep. You wrote
once of wild herbs gathered and brought
to a lovely girl, an offering not
of passion but of some remote
desire to hear a word from the throat
of the Lord Within Clouds. I thought
of this as I chiseled the wood.
Last night it rained. I listened to
it from my bed by the open
window, hoping that the clouds would
not leave. This morning two birds flew
by. It is raining again.


Originally penned in the 1980s, “Apricot Wood,” is included in my chapbook , If Your Matter Could Reform, and was featured on Autumn Sky Poetry Daily in March 2015

23 thoughts on “Apricot Wood

  1. Very interesting theophany… as seeing divine beings in their true form is considered by many cultures to be destructive/terrifying to mankind, the idea of a more calming rain-vision of Fuujin/Raijin summed up as a singular “Lord Within Clouds” is really powerful. You are always hinting at such things, or at least inspiring such interpretations… thus your power as a poet.

    Once again, you are an American Ningen Kokuhou!

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