Two Poems Up at Red River Review

I somehow missed that my poems “Earth Keeps Spinning” and “Awaiting Thunder, He Dreams” were published by Red River Review in August 2018. Thank you, Michelle Hartman, for taking these.

10 thoughts on “Two Poems Up at Red River Review

  1. Both are excellent (as usual), Bob. I’d be hard-pressed to choose my favorite of the two, but “Awaiting Thunder, He Dreams” really shook me with how it can be so relatable to our country today, particularly this line: “When we give nothing we have nothing.” (Sidewise with that thought is that if we give hate, that’s pretty much all we have.) Last, I love that your poetry/this poem can be so very subtly political and lyrical, as well as philosophical and metaphysical, at the same time.
    In “Earth Keeps Spinning,” I was struck by the diction, particularly “inkling” early on in the poem. Because you’d primed my mind for books and publishing themes, I read “inking” at first; again, I am captivated by how your work constantly surprises and defies any expectations–subconscious or otherwise–the reader might have.
    So, bravo, once again, Bob!

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