Two Poems in Igxante: An Ontology

My poems “Ramekin” and “Windows: A Theology” have been published in the online anthology Igxante: An Ontology. I am grateful to editor Kate Morgan for taking these two pieces.

38 thoughts on “Two Poems in Igxante: An Ontology

  1. “So little to believe, everything to defy.”
    Reading Camus’s ‘The Rebel’ at the moment & this suits it quite nicely. I suppose this would stand for following the Absurd.
    It furthermore reminds me a little of Stevens’ ‘Le Mononcle de Mon Oncle’, the line “There is not nothing, no, no never nothing” in the 1st verse after the

    Mother of Heaven, Regina of the clouds,
    Scepter of sun, crown of the moon

    which I suppose would be your window’s theology transmuted. (Sorry if I fudged the quotes, quoting from memory.)

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