Up or down, it’s all the same.

How the knee or hip strains under the planet’s
surge. Opposite, and unequally felt.

One knows pain, the other does not.

Forever spinning, we remain still,
moving in place. Wanting.

As the heart pumps,
stronger for its labor,
accustomed to the effort.



11 thoughts on “Steps

  1. Wonderful perspective. In a few hours I’ll be giving a short talk to some children on the Zen proverb 歩歩是道場…every step is a meditation place or dojo. The earth certainly forces the meditation sometimes…painfully!

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  2. I had my right knee total replacement few months ago. “Up and down” is not really the same. The mneumonic,, “good one up; bad one down” helps in ascending and descending the stairs and steps; though the strains of gravity in the hips and joints, with some muscle wasting, are as narrated. Post surgery, the pain is no longer felt. Now the good and bad have changed their roles. The divide and time take alternate toil; fair and just.

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