Jazz Study in Time: Migraine



Jazz Study in Time: Migraine

How the body expends its pain,
receptors enunciating their message,

all of one pulse: outward then in,
ice pushing through glass,

metal’s red glow searing flesh,
and the moments between

the piercing and acceptance, the
dull and incomprehensible whirl

of lights flashing from midnight
to snowflake, returning, always there.


Abstract swirl

“Jazz Study in Time” first appeared on the blog in December 2015.

3 thoughts on “Jazz Study in Time: Migraine

      • It is not for the faint of heart; a prime example of Second Wave free jazz. Understood in context of JC’s life and artistic growth/endeavours, Live In Seattle is either his struggle to make art… or his supposed abandonment of beauty, depending on whether one takes an either more conservative or adventurous approach to creativity. Either way, it has been debated and argues over since its release, and has its passionate defenders/detractors.

        As for me, I take double sided approach. I don’t like to “hear” it aesthetically, but if one “listens” to it in context, it is an important jazz document, thus worth the listen.

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