Sometimes Love is a Dry Gutter


Sometimes Love is a Dry Gutter 

Or a restless leaf, a footprint.

Is fault on a blameless day,
scrawled on a washed-out sky.

My friend’s music orbits his home,
worms through the cracks
in the bluest lines, ever new

and permanent, staining even his hope
long after the lights stutter away.
And the rain’s attenuated sorrows?

They’re coming, he says. Like goats
through a fence. Like lava. Like tomorrow.


* * *

“Sometimes Love is a Dry Gutter” was first featured at Vox Populi in January 2017. I’m grateful to editor Michael Sims for supporting my work.




14 thoughts on “Sometimes Love is a Dry Gutter

  1. Sometimes love is a dry gutter,
    Reminiscent of past pain
    Dried from the unbalanced give and take,
    From someone else’s gain.
    But love can also be a well-spring
    Overflowing like Victoria Falls
    A powerful and majestic thing
    When you answer love’s call.
    Love is hot cocoa and warm fires,
    Picnics and art that inspires.
    Love fuels creativity in all expressive forms
    Love is powerful,
    And goes against the norm.
    – Why Yet 12/8/19

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