The right has only one option,
as is true of the left,

neither to mingle
nor disappear like washed socks

or loved ones in a casino.
There are those who believe

in fallen towers and pasts
burnished beyond recognition,

and truth, as it was written, for them,
in blood, with money inherited

from thieves. The puddle happens.
The door rotates. A snifter shatters.

The shoe’s approach defines its wearer.


* * *

This first appeared in March 2016, but somehow seems even more appropriate today.


cactus shoe


54 thoughts on “Shoe

  1. Once, in a rush to get ready for practice on time, and avoid extra laps, my cleats got on the wrong foot. The realization was telling as to why I had felt so out of sorts.
    If only we could walk in others’ shoes, huh?
    Nice piece, Bob.

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  2. very nice, robert. like, the poetry channel, i had a problem with football cleats my freshman year of high school. they were new and i didn’t break them in. plus, i only wore one pair of socks for the late summer ‘two a days’. i had the most horrific blisters on both heels for the entire season, which made it necessary to visit the trainer’s room every day.

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