Another Poem at Literati Magazine



My poem “And: a Mythology” is live at Literati Magazine. Many thanks to editor Renée Sigel for taking this and several other pieces.






13 thoughts on “Another Poem at Literati Magazine

  1. More intrigue …
    I sense a calm meditative floating in these lines:
    ready to drift and continue, / a solitary seed awaiting nourishment, / steady, existing only between
    Could it be that we humans are each a solitary seed and we just don’t recognize our true state of “between” (foolishly thinking we’re IT, the ultimate, part of a mass supremacy)??

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    • Are you saying I’m not IT? How could that be? Lol. Alas, observing people has led me to believe that many can’t see beyond themselves, no matter how they disguise or label their self-centered actions.

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