Huazi Ridge (After Wang Wei)



Huazi Ridge

Limitless birds merging
with the autumn-colored hills
all along Huazi Ridge
this sadness, too, without end


Another adaptation. I hope that I’ve not strayed too far from the original’s tone.


The transliteration on offers:

Fly bird go no limit
Join mountain again autumn colour
Up down Huazi Ridge
Melancholy feeling what extreme



“Huazi Ridge” first appeared on the blog in August 2014.


7 thoughts on “Huazi Ridge (After Wang Wei)

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  2. I’ve decided to take after your “After…” tactic when I work with classical Chinese poetry. I finished and posted my somewhat different take on “Huazi Ridge” based on the same literal translation you used, and linked to your post here tonight.

    Do you think it’s Mount Hua that Wang Wei was referring to in his poem?


    • It seems a more accurate description for my purposes, since I neither speak nor write the language, and miss the nuances and connotations. Ah, if I were only younger and had more time…

      I have no idea if Mount Hua was the reference, but that seems as likely as any other locale. I commend you for finding it!

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