Flood Gauge in the Morning



Flood Gauge in the Morning

It reclines on its side, submerged.
So far, so good, it seems
to say. Still here, still intact.
And the bridge looks so clean
from this angle

I toss
a fist-size stone
onto the upstream
side of the road,
and watch it wash away.
Maybe we’ll cross tomorrow.



“Flood Gauge in the Morning” is included in my chapbook, From Every Moment a Second, available for order via Amazon.com and Finishing Line Press.



4 thoughts on “Flood Gauge in the Morning

  1. Hello: My name is Kabir Gorden from Ghana. I am a regular visitor to your blog and I enjoy the great content. Please I was wondering if you have a space for my poem on your site. It is called Sublimation.


    • Thanks for your interest, Kabir. At this time I’m not considering posting poetry by others. The logistics involved and the time required are more than I can commit to. As it stands, I barely have time to post my own work.


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