In the Garden of Wind’s Delight



In the Garden of Wind’s Delight

Faltering, it drifts
to a stop, rests for a moment
before fluttering to its end.

It is good to be sound.
It is good to trickle through holes.
It is good to be old
even if just one of a crowd.

These notes serve no purpose
yet they linger beyond
their existence.

I listen to their past
for their future. Where are you?
I ask. What is your true name?



“In the Garden of WInd’s Delight” appeared in July 2019 in Nine Muses PoetryThank you, Annest Gwilym, for taking this piece.




12 thoughts on “In the Garden of Wind’s Delight

  1. On one level, Robert, this is an instruction manual for reading poetry. People get baffled sometimes because they can’t find the “meaning.” But a poem is like your garden – drifting notes, bits of beauty without purpose. You don’t have to know what it “means,” you don’t have to know the “true name” of things, to appreciate the beauty of the garden 😊

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  2. Also, humorous tangent on your line, “It is good to be old.” I recall an old cajun saying, “If I’d a known getting old was this much fun, I’d a done it a long time ago.” Having hitchhiked 14 countries since turning age 60, I know what he means. Go ahead. You and Vecchio can envy me now 🙂

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