Poem Up at Book of Matches


My poem “Letter to Hamrick from the Century of the Invalidated” has been published in the inaugural issue of Book of Matches Thank you, editors Kelli Allen and Nicholas Christian, for taking this piece. This is a fantastic new litmag, featuring such luminaries as Clare L. Martin, Eric Pankey, Jeff Santossuosso, Kelli Russell Agodon, Jack Bedell, Megan Wildhood, Lauren Camp and others. Try it, you’ll like it!




18 thoughts on “Poem Up at Book of Matches

  1. I am so excited and honored by your poem! I’ve been reading Book of Matches and it does have wonderful poetry in its pages. How did this get by me? I’ll be watching for the next open sub period. Congrats, Bob!

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    • Thanks, Charlotte! I wrote it in fall of 2019, and then let it marinate for a year before submitting it. Book of Matches was the first place I sent it to. I happened to see a call for submissions, responded quickly, and voila. Boy, that doesn’t happen often!

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    • Thank you, Jazz. I keep sending them out, and occasionally they find homes. 🙂 I generally write these poems in fits and starts, bits and pieces, over the course of weeks/months. They’re fun, and the trick, for me, is to never rush them to completion. But that lesson also applies elsewhere. Ha.

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  2. Marvelous journal, and I love the poem, RO. There’s many a day lately when I feel that taking care of the litter box is the apex of my achievements…

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  3. Wow, Congratulations Robert, and I read your poem, in this chaulk dust filled room, and now I’ll need a couple of glasses of ‘red’ to wash the powdery white crusted blend all down….
    The ‘Book Of Matches’ Journal is a superb presentation …

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