Question: what is air if not
the means by which we

see and feel? Sound creates only
itself, another version of the original

sense. I move from shadows to a deeper
darkness, hoping to find that point where absence
ends. But there is no end, only

continuation, a cry for those
who offer their hands in ambiguity. Sometimes
a cardinal’s call fills our

morning with questions. So
little of all we touch
is felt. We are the air. The air is.



Another poem from the 80s. I was obsessed with birds even back then…

6 thoughts on “Cardinal

  1. Cardinals definitely inspire – all birds get my attention, but the brilliance of a male cardinal is stunning. And pause leads to … poetry, apparently! I especially like “So little of all we touch
    is felt” for its ambiguity … whether felt by the toucher or touchee …

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    • Cardinals bring us much joy. Last summer we watched a male cardinal feed a juvenile cowbird at our feeder. Apparently the cowbird hadn’t yet discovered that it was not a cardinal, and that didn’t matter to the cardinal. 🙂

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