Poems Live at The Big Windows Review


scarecrow and crow


My poems “Scarecrow’s Wealth” and “Cells” are live at The Big Windows ReviewThank you to editor Thomas Zimmerman for supporting my work, and to Charles Payne for sponsoring/inspiring the scarecrow poem. 


18 thoughts on “Poems Live at The Big Windows Review

  1. Congratulations! I’m always happy to have a Scarecrow encounter. And I’m fascinated with “Cells”, a mysterious mix of specifics with an overall mystery … can take cells as the yeast changing dough into bread-for-buttering; can take cells as the connecting hours of the day during which dough becomes bread; can take cell to a higher level and peer into a kitchen wherein man and dog comfortably share food and anticipate what’s next … perhaps a shift to a different higher-level cell? (Move to Indiana?)

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