And to Sleep


And to Sleep

and what we
sense if not
of our selves

or within this
space we contain
may be of

no thing touched
by one’s fluttering
eye as if

awake we see
even less the
dreams of course

real though we
hold them only
in our sleep


Another poem from the 80s. “And to Sleep” first appeared here in February 2015.

7 thoughts on “And to Sleep

  1. In the last 40 years or so I usually wish I could go back into any dream I recall even the tiniest bit of … no nightmares (or at least, not so bad my curiosity is stymied). I like your suggestion here that dreams are real – I agree. They come forth unfiltered by convention, protocols. Not at all sure things seen/heard/felt during waking hours are “real” given human waking tendency to exaggerate. Sometimes waking experiences show up later in dreams … and make more sense.

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