But completion
arrives in the most

limited sense,
outlines enriched and

filled with lush
darkness, the red of

an accumulated passion
for texture, for subtlety in

shade, the tactile being
one facet shared with

odor and the black hand
on the wall, the

staircase spiraling
upward, resultant desire,

body of lust, this wall, our
doing, the gathered home.

black hand

“Painting” first appeared here in December 2015.

2 thoughts on “Painting

  1. This stirs the imagination! I like “gathering” for the collective decorations we accumulate. Some would say “clutter”. I have too much for sure, but each bit has significance and remains … at times a bit must skoosh over to make room for yet another bit coming in … spiral staircase figuratively reflecting increase, and realistically reflecting something (more!) I’d love to add: a spiral staircase at corner of my flat-roofed porch – that I might rise up for photos of the moon not-so-high above horizon.

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    • Most of my “gathering” is limited to books, though there is an ever-accumulating amount of stuff – small objects, mostly given to me – that I can’t part with (rocks, a pocket knife, a sake cup, etc.). 🙂

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