A History of Particles: Ash, Wood, Shrimp


A History of Particles: Ash, Wood, Shrimp

Unsettled and predisposed
to flight, they
rise. Or, awaiting the process, receive
the glow as prelude to transformation, a

nocturnal exegesis inscribed in flame
and black swirls. Death in the air,
settling upon us. The bitterest
taste. But how to explain

the tongue’s sweet tremor? And the narrow
margins between the transition

from wood to smoke?
At 250 degrees
their pale shells redden,

become vessels of radiant
heat and its attenuated function,
moisture retained so as

to delay and heighten the
delectable flesh, once freed, become
virtue, become fate

sliding down the throat,
the course of deterioration hastened
and endured in perpetuity.


This first appeared on the blog in June 2015.

5 thoughts on “A History of Particles: Ash, Wood, Shrimp

  1. Mmmm … the blend of aromas (wood, smoke, shrimp!) as poetic triggers! Your muse was having a field day – this makes me hungry! For grilled shrimp, and for communing with my muse – cool to think of surprise muse interruptions as “hastened and endured in perpetuity”.

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    • It’s been a long time since I smoked shrimp. There’s nothing quite like smoked shrimp dipped into chipotle mayo. Yum. Makes me long for a smoker, which would also lend itself to brisket! I have not had good barbecue since I left Texas. Sigh. Maybe I should invest in a smoker. Hmm…

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