When this note fades
will it join you in that place
above the sky
or below the waves
of the earth’s plump
body? Or will it
circle back, returning to
my lips and this
hollow day
to aspire again?



Note: Ro designates the fingering required to produce a particular note on the shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese bamboo flute. In this case, closing all holes.


23 thoughts on “RO

    • Thank you very much. I can’t say that the lessons are Japanese in nature, as they come from that in-between place, that not-quite one or the other sense of being. But then again, maybe they lean in that direction…

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      • I definitely lean Japanese. I am the worst at poetry right about now, but you draw me in with Japanese references. It may be your conceptualizations, the imagery. Ro on shakuhachi is the sound of every note covered. For me, that is the sound of full stop, like a ripple on water.

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