Three Poems in The Blue Hour Magazine


I’ve three poems appearing in The Blue Hour Magazine:

The sonnet was written a dozen years after the others, but seemed to mesh with them in some strange way…



93 thoughts on “Three Poems in The Blue Hour Magazine

  1. I just read all three, wonderful. Congratulations. I particularly liked Laocoon, with its haunting twining imagery. Do you have plans to publish a book? Best, Rachel

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  2. Congrats on the poetry being published. I wish I had a talent for writing poetry– unfortunately mine ends-up usually being nothing more than sarcastic rhymes! I also tend to fall into the same rhyming patterns a lot– maybe I can learn a thing or too from you Robert!

    Happy New Year!

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  3. Personifying the wind is an ingenious concept. Regarding the third poem, have you read Camille Paglia’s “Glittering Images”? She has a wonderful chapter on Laocoon. You bring that masterpiece to life in a different way. Thanks, as always, for liking my blog entry.


  4. Eagle Pond Farm

    October in New Hampshire means colored leaves for kicking.
    Donald kicks a few heading into town for cheese.
    He notices that the antique dealer, once again, announced
    The coming of winter by changing his sign. It now reads:
    “Driveways Plowed, Reasonable Rates.” The type of
    De-evolution Donald appreciates.

    Standard time ensures contrast, as autumn’s last bonfire
    Sends a leaf-shaped spark into the air.
    A simple way of life is free to walk around without inspection:
    So Donald does. He checks out of Najur’s General Store
    With Gouda and N.Y. Sharp Cheddar tucked away.
    He climbs up the knoll then down the driveway to the farm.
    He kicks a pinecone to the safety of the woods.
    He exhales steam that quickly disappears.
    He can almost see ice forming on the pond.

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    • I’m so pleased you liked them, Shery. If all goes well, I’ll have a chapbook out by June, if not sooner. I will of course announce details when I have them. Thanks very much for your interest and kind comments.


      • Wonderful! I self-published a chapbook. I’ve had problems publishing it on wordPress (with Paypal button). You obviously are more experienced and well-versed in writing than I am, so I’m just surprised you don’t have a trade publication out yet. Looking forward to the release of your chapbook!

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  6. Robert, I don’t know how you found me, but I find your poems very appealing. Nice work. For about the last 10 years, until I retired, I had a little saying on the bulletin board in my office: “Nothing is everything. Don’t settle for anything less.”

    And the list of publications at the end of the 3 looks like a shotgun approach for my own work. Hmmmm.

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