Japanese Gardens


Japanese Gardens

how natural the
lines falling so
purely as if

with a single
stroke we walk
through the opening

and see space
the white center
composed of sand

and gravel later
a gate opens
to another garden

its lantern and
stone so carelessly
arranged so deliberate


50 thoughts on “Japanese Gardens

  1. The contrast and the textures in the first picture are so striking that I can almost feel the stones, and the green fur on that rock.

    And your poem. It paves the way to a place where to-dos aren’t mandatory and deadlines can wait. πŸ™‚

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  2. Japanese gardens intrigue me. I spent three years living near Tokyo and since then have enjoyed researching and writing about the country and culture in my fantasy adventures. Since you liked my story Ju-Fu, Paper Magic, you might also like Tengu Prince, Book One in the series: Legends of the Demon Shape Shifters.

    May the Year of the Green (Wood) Sheep bring you all the best!

    Ledia Runnels

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  3. Robert, if I may say so, your poem is a living embodiment of “lines falling so/ purely as if/ with a single/ stroke we walk/ through the opening/ and see space/ the white center/ composed of sand.” The words may feel like sand in a poet’s mouth–rough or soft, windblown or static-ly piled one grain on the other–but they have a permanence to them . . . like these serene gardens. I am enthralled by your line breaks and enjambment techniques here, and am still pondering that last stanza, polishing it like a stone in my mind, one might say. The more I read the seeming enjambment of “gravel later,” the more I enjoy it. The words are seamlessly flowing here, too, not just solid as a stone. On another (travel) note, the botanical garden in St. Louis, Missouri, has a nice Japanese/tea garden you might like, if you’ve never been. I particularly enjoyed their zig-zag bridge and use of plants such as bonsai and lichens (I think that’s what the correct nontechnical name for the latter bright-green “carpeting”), as well as rocks somewhat similar to what you depict here in words and photography.

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    • Gosh, Leigh. If I ever need a publicist, or just someone to make my writing sound a lot better than it is, I’ll turn to you! I truly appreciate your kindness and the time you spend on your comments. Many, many thanks. πŸ™‚


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