Galveston, 1900


Galveston, 1900

First the wind, then a tide like no other
uprooting the calm,

a visage tilted back in descent
as if listening for the aftermath.

And later, the gardener’s lament
and the building’s exposed ribs,

light entering the eternal
orchard, nine children tied to a cincture.

Not even the earth could retain its bodies,
and the sea remanded those given to its care.





34 thoughts on “Galveston, 1900

  1. I grew up in New Orleans and remember my grandmother talking about that storm. I was just a child when she told me and she was just a child when it hit. Their trying to wash us away! Randy Newman…

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  2. Moving and powerfully written, Robert. I hope your conference with J.L. goes well. I got some very helpful and insightful comments from him, but over a month ago he went incommunicado and I may have to take him to small claims court to get reimbursed for the work he didn’t do.

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