Withdrawn, it unfolds
to another
voice, like that

of a child lost in the wind.
Or, lonely, it rises from its place

and sings, only
to return and start again.
The pleasure we accept derives from

the knowledge that we are not alone.
Each morning we walk out and sit
by the stones, hoping to observe some

new patterns in his life. What we
see is an answer. What we hear is no song.


63 thoughts on “Mockingbird

  1. Wow! i echo others when i say that your poem is beautiful but it i more than that, it is poignant and powerful. It really makes this reader think. I have always had a fascination with mockingbirds. (One of my 3 favorite books is of course “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

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  2. Lovely, Bob! One of my “Top Five Okaji” poems ever! It brings back powerfully my Mema teaching me the songs of her favorite birds, just as she taught me the stars and set me on the path I’ve followed for over sixty years. Thank you so much for making fresh the memories almost forgotten.

    With Deep Respect,


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