Aubade (Inca Dove)


Aubade (Inca Dove)

Such delicacy
evokes the evolution of hand
and wing, a growth

which reflects all that one
comes to know. Two doves

sit on the fence, cold wind ruffling
their feathers. What brings them
to this place of no

shelter, of wind and rain
and clarity defied? Fingers

often remember what the mind
cannot. Silence
complicates our mornings.

Originally published in The Balcones Review in 1987, I found this in a folder earlier today. Seems I was enthralled with birds back then, too…


54 thoughts on “Aubade (Inca Dove)

  1. yes, you were. a good thing. a lovely piece. as well as the last photo.
    i hesitate to mention it reminds of a november morning back in the late 80s. the two week window of second season dove hunting here in california. no, i haven’t hunted in years and we ate what we shot.
    dove cacciatore with polenta is pretty darn good.

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  2. I love these words of yours! I have often watched the Mourning Doves that live in this area. They mate for life (much smarter than we are… but that’s another story.) It breaks my heart when one will stay beside its deceased mate crying, mourning for all the world to see. A solitary funeral procession I well imagine.

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  3. Layers of beauty and depth, patterns, connections — reminds me of the connection between the parrot and the squid — the squid flying in the water like a bird in the sky… but it’s not just that: they share similar beaks…then it just struck me of how parrots are given cuttlefish bones as a dietary supplement! Ah the wings of my Imagination soar as my fingers fly on the keyboard– thank you for sharing and reminding me of parrot-squid connection.


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