The Fullness That Precedes


The Fullness That Precedes

it is not
the moon but
rain that attracts

me to this
place no faint
light no shadow

but the fullness
that precedes its
history that of

magic from nothing
to nothing by
which one may

discern perfection a
cloud the solitary
note of distraction


22 thoughts on “The Fullness That Precedes

  1. Wonderful. I read it out loud and the words crossed my tongue with the savor of a fine old wine. Let me take this moment to add I was so happy when my copies of your little book arrived. The construction and printing were very good, which means I can re-read them often without worrying they won’t hold up, and they were packed with obvious care and a lovely hand written thank you note. Thought you’d like to know.

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    • Thank you, Angela. And I’m so pleased the books arrived safely. Kristopher Taylor is to be commended. He did a bang-up job of shepherding the printing process, and has evidently continued with the shipping. Thanks for letting me know, and I’ll pass this on to KT.


  2. I’m always glad to find a poem of yours. I love the simplicity and the play on the Buddhist saying (if that was what you were doing). This captures a true moment of being.

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