In Praise of Darkness


In Praise of Darkness

Night falls, but day
breaks. A raw deal,

no doubt, but fairness
applies itself unevenly. Who

chooses weeds over
lies, flowers over truth?

Last night’s rain fell, too,
but didn’t crack the drought.

Again, we think injustice!
Again, we consider falls.

* * *

This was originally posted in September 2014.


31 thoughts on “In Praise of Darkness

  1. Is it a matter of choosing weeds over lies and flowers over truth? Was there ever a choice?
    Love the picture of the lanterns. They look elegant, fitting for the words praising the darkness. Loved this.

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  3. Loved this, Robert! I was pulled from one line to the next, stumbling forward in search of what lay around the corner right from the start. It was masterful the way your words here cracked me open right from the gate…


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