Calm (after H.D.)

I flow over the ground,
healing its hidden scar–
the scar is black,
the bedrock risen,
not one stone is misplaced.

I relieve the ground’s
burden with white froth,
I fill and comply—
I have thrown a pebble
into the night,
it returns to me,
settles and rises,
a white dove.

“Calm” made its first appearance in March 2015, and was written as an exercise, using a poem, “Storm,” by H.D. as the launching point. I’ve tried to emulate her diction and rhythm, with mixed success. Still, it’s fun to try these on occasion.


21 thoughts on “Calm

  1. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ve already read a few of your entries here, and i can’t help but come back for more. I love it! Such beautiful writing!

    Cheers from El Nido, Palawan, Phil.


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  2. Excellent…I love H.D. I was reading something about her a few days ago and thought, “I should read some H.D.” I should also take on exercises like the one above.

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