“Agave” on poems2go


My poem “Agave” is one of five featured this month on poems2go

poems2go offers poetry to take with you, tuck in your pocket, your wallet, or to share. Five poets are featured monthly and multiple copies of their poems are printed on 4″x 6″ loose-leafed paper and distributed to selected cafes and/or bookstores for patrons to peruse and take 2 go.

“Agave” was first published in Ijagun Poetry Journal, and is also included in my micro-chapbook,You Break What Falls (Origami Poems Project), available via free download.


33 thoughts on ““Agave” on poems2go

  1. That’s cool- I’d be pretty happy to stumble across great poetry with my coffee! Does the plant eventually topple? We have an agave thst shot up out of nowhere about a year ago. It flowered then lost its flower but is still standing!

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  2. Very cool. It’s nice to find poetry and find people who write poetry. It’s sort of a language of its own…..like your stuff.

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  3. What an absolutely fabulous idea to leave poems in coffee houses! I used to leave literary journals in cafes after I’d finished with them with a note saying “Please read me!”. I was hoping they’d be read by people who wouldn’t normally know about them. At one cafe the young barista rushed over to me with a copy of the journal I’d left there a couple of months before. She’d been keeping it for me! I would’ve been delighted to find your poem on my table – but at least I got to enjoy it online.

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