The Fog (after H.D.)

Man in fog

 The Fog (after H.D.)

I am dead.
You avoid me.
I open like a shell.
You expose me with your breath.
What am I, heartless one?

H.D.’s poem “The Pool” was the launching point for this piece.





23 thoughts on “The Fog (after H.D.)

  1. Very nice homage, Bob. I think H.D.—not unlike yourself—is an underappreciated poet! The conclusive line you use, “What am I, heartless one?,” contains so much turmoil and the potential for so much circularity, that I’m both baffled by and enamored of it. Brilliant poem in just a few words. I could see it as an epigraph at the beginning of your next book [if not a poem in said book].

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