Life among the Prickly Pear


Life among the Prickly Pear

Rain’s twofold curse: not enough
too much. Still, I take comfort

even among the thorns.
There is much to like here.

Its moonlight flowers.
Paddles fried with minced garlic.

Wren’s jubilant shriek.
The fruit’s red nectar.

I wake to distant screech owls
purring their desires on separate

slopes. Late spring, storms looming.
I close my eyes and the creek rises.

* * *

A draft of this first appeared here in June 2015. I believe it’s done now.
On a personal note, twice in the past four days I’ve been unable to reach
a destination due to flooded creeks.


57 thoughts on “Life among the Prickly Pear

  1. I have preferred the rain to the years of drought we had in DFW, but floods are just the flip side of that, and no laughing matter. May June, July and August bring your dry heat!

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  2. Yes, this is definitely finished, the images lingering and putting me in mind of the prickly pear cactus I found near novelist Frederick Manfred’s home on Blue Mound, Minnesota, amazed that such things grew that far north.

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  3. I’m impressed with your attention span. Personally, working on a poem for more than a month is a miracle! It’s a delectable end product, and I do hope that feeling of (relative) completion feels wonderful. You’ve earned it.

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    • I have a short attention span, which is why I write poetry rather than novels. 🙂 But I do let poems “marinate” while I go on to work on others, returning to them from time to time until I feel they’re finally done (or I’m sick of them). Some of these sit for only a matter of days, other sit for years. I don’t worry too much about completing any one piece, as I have many in process (mostly marinating).

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  4. Lovely indeed. My mother introduced me to prickly pears when I was a young child and we were traveling as a family through the desert… I thought she was crazy at the time! Thanks for the sweet memory.

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