Huazi Ridge (After Wang Wei)


Huazi Ridge

Limitless birds merging
with the autumn-colored hills
all along Huazi Ridge
this sadness, too, without end

Another adaptation. I hope that I’ve not strayed too far from the original’s tone.

The transliteration on offers:

Fly bird go no limit
Join mountain again autumn colour
Up down Huazi Ridge
Melancholy feeling what extreme

This version of “Huazi Ridge” first appeared in June, 2014.


42 thoughts on “Huazi Ridge (After Wang Wei)

  1. Rather than straying, it feels to me as if you captured this perfectly, Bob. The likening of those limitless birds to sadness without end, well … that’s just what I feel in the original. But –no offense to Wang Wei — I like yours better.

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    • I don’t know how to help except to advise you to post regularly, use tags, visit many blogs, like, comment, and engage with other bloggers. Do this and your following will grow. It takes time and much effort.

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