Nine Variations of a Cloud

night window

Nine Variations of a Cloud

Looking up, I renounce pity and the sadness of wind.

Only lust pulls and shapes more, diminishing your integrity.

It slips through whenever I try to grab it.

Every phrase is a window glowing at night, surrendered to its frame.

Water in another form is still water.

In whose ruins must you survive?

Another shape, another moment desperately spent.

And still you thrive in diminishment.

Bearing nothing, it conceals.

“Nine Variations of a Cloud” first appeared in Kindle Magazine in December 2015, and was also included in Gossamer: An Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry.



34 thoughts on “Nine Variations of a Cloud

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  2. There is such a fascinating tension here with the clouds sometimes being implied/incidental to the otherwise important features of the scene, sometimes comprising an “it” which acts, and sometimes addressed as a “you,” who endures.
    Sometimes, poems that contain these kinds of inconsistencies feel confounding, and inscrutable — but in this case, what is elusive and/or concealed, is the point, which I find really compelling. The clouds have their own grammar, and there is nothing we can do to wrangle them into a semblance of order — rather we can willingly abide their mystery, or unbecomingly project our own sense of “diminishment” onto them. Hmm…

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