Bone to Bone


Bone to Bone

He claims two sides frame every story.

I count three,      sometimes more,

believing in          multiplicity,

threats                concealed

but never

buried.      A dust devil twists across the path.
What ascends, what dies?

Heat, ashes.       A shadow’s flesh.

The earth, restraining all.

small town

51 thoughts on “Bone to Bone

  1. Shiveringly good, from stem to stern! I especially like the idea of a shadow being bodied. I’ve been trying to work with just that idea in a fiction piece for a few years but never getting it this ‘right,’ as you’ve done.
    I can’t quite imagine what would happen when/if you were to take up fiction-writing again, Bob, although I know it would be head-turning and original at the very least. Happy writing, friend!

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    • Thanks, Leigh. A few years ago I toyed around with the idea of writing an urban fantasy novel – even went so far as to chart a few plot lines and character sketches. But I don’t know that I’ll ever attempt it. At that time I was riding a bus for about an hour and a half every day, and I thought I could put that time to better use. But then I got a new job and no longer rode the bus. At any rate, I think I’m much better suited for short forms.

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      • I know what you mean. As the kids are in morning classes, I joke that I’m carving out the McNovel in those two precious hours a day! 🙂 Oh, and you can always try microfiction and/or flash fiction. So many forms are proliferating in these genres. 6-word forms, 7-word forms, 50-word, 53-word, and drabbles, just to name a few with decent provenances behind them.

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      • Dust devils are little wind disturbances, circulating, I suppose, like tornadoes, but very, very small, and not really destructive. They pick up dust, a little debris (leaves, etc.), and are interesting to observe. But you could walk through one without fear.


  3. I really really connected to this. It is so beautifully written. You’re amazing and I aspire to become half as good as you! I stated my blog recently about two months ago. I write stories, and I would love some critical appreciation by a writing God like you! Thank you 🙂

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