Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak)


Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak)

Why tremble
when nothing
arrives to be seen?

The architecture
of the day
comes and goes

in the same
a disturbance

more felt than heard.
But listen.
The grosbeak sings

his presence
and departs,
leaving behind

the echo
of a motion
blending with night.

The air is cool.
A leaf utters
its own message

and falls
Nothing awaits it.


This first appeared in February 2015.


36 thoughts on “Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak)

  1. Beautiful! I’m no expert in Zen (okay, I’ll just come out and say it: I’m pretty dumb!), but it seems to me that Zen is a lot like what some people would call nihilism/solipsism [with the leaf falling, unnoticed and to nothing]. I have a (friendly, from my perspective) argument going with a fellow writer, wherein I assert that writers he thinks of as nihilistic/solipsistic/atheistic (like Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, probably Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, etc.) with regard to religion are actually, at least in some cases, exploring faith by confronting it, questioning it, and living inside the bubble of it with entrΓ©e through their art form. Anyway, love all the bird-y {and nature} poems you do, too.

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    • Thanks, Mary. I truly appreciate the comments – it’s good to receive feedback, nice to discover that the piece has been read! We write these things, set them adrift, and hope that someone will find them useful in some way.

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  2. I had in mind once to write a series of poems using Chopin’s Nocturnes. For each one, after multiple listens a poem would develop. Never got passed a thought & multiple listens of the Nocturnes though. Maybe yhey are poetry enough si nothing came, maybe i’m just a crap poet.

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  3. Leaves do have a quiet existence. They bud into life without fanfare and drop from the trees with nary a tremble, only being heard when they crunch under foot. By then, their need for notice has passed. Lovely poem.

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