My Poems “Scarecrow Remembers” and “Scarecrow Sees” are up at The High Window Journal


I’m delighted that my poems “Scarecrow Remembers” and “Scarecrow Sees” are up at The High WindowMany thanks to editors David Cooke and Anthony Costello for their interest in publishing American poets.

29 thoughts on “My Poems “Scarecrow Remembers” and “Scarecrow Sees” are up at The High Window Journal

  1. Congratulations and what wonderful poems! I have to say they were by far my favorite on the page. My husband has been singing, “If I Only had a Brain, Heart, Nerve” to my two year old son lately so it resonates with me. I am also a gardener and love seeing this world from the scarecrow’s perspective!

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  2. Robert, I’ve been meaning to thank you for enjoying my poetry, & the Robinson Jeffers post as well. & for interviewing our mutual friend Daniel Paul Marshall. ….It looks like you & I are both in The High Window this time–their editors clearly have good taste!

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      • Looking around more on yr blog, I wonder if I can send you a copy of my long poem Daniel mentioned in his interview, To the House of the Sun. It’s hard searching for sympathetic readers, but it seems you may be one. If so, you can let me know through the contact form on my site

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  3. Love this poetic duo!
    What a co-inkydink; I visited and liked High Window’s page just yesterday. I’m sorry if I overlooked your poems on that long page. Many congratulations for a(nother) deserved recognition, Bob! You’re the DaVinci of diction and enchanting enjambment! And both of these ‘scarecrow’ poems contain more birds—yay! πŸ™‚
    On another note, I especially like the sinister-feeling quality to these; the first in particular, building to the end. It really makes one empathize with the powerlessness of the scarecrow, that anomaly, that decaying joke with no past or present. Although I can’t help but hear Eliot’s nasal-y voice talking about headpieces filled with straw.

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  4. I loved them both. Scarecrow Sees in particular is so beautiful. I love all the questions you ask throughout, beginning with “And who would hear, above the flock’s clamor, my claim to see this world as it is?” What a treat! Thank you.

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  5. Genius and so much more:

    “Da Vinci maintained that sight relies on the eye’s
    central line, yet the threads holding my
    ocular buttons in place weave through four
    holes and terminate in a knot”

    I love it! Scarecrow is a super creation.

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    • Thank you so much! Two years ago I bought a book on corvids (crows, ravens, jays), thinking that I’d write about them. Somehow Scarecrow’s voice popped into a poem, and I’ve since written about a dozen of them. I’m so pleased you like them!

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