Celan, 1970


Celan, 1970

From frame to door,
the obvious defers, denying

entry as if
an eye could reclaim

or separate

the fallen tear
and the river’s skin,

or return
those words to

thought, water to
stone, intent

to cold
now to before.

He stepped into release.


* * *

“Celan, 1970” first appeared in October 2015. One of the most influential (and difficult) European poets of the 20th century, Paul Celan survived the horror of World War II but never escaped its shadow. A brief biography may be found here.


29 thoughts on “Celan, 1970

  1. I find it hard to imagine stepping into that release, yet wonder at the ability-to-survive of those who suffered in the Nazi labor camps without doing so. I don’t know if that period played into his final act, but, if so, it brings an understanding. You’ve illustrated a fine balance, here.

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  3. I’m sad to hear the way his story ended and can’t help to wonder what part of his survival he found most troubling. ? His pseudonyms and shortened phrases make me wonder whether or not shame was a factor, though it would never have been his to bear. Regardless, a beautiful life.

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