Recording of my poem “Runaway Bus”



Here’s a recording of my poem “Runaway Bus,” which was featured on Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine in January.

23 thoughts on “Recording of my poem “Runaway Bus”

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Carolin. I don’t have many opportunities to read in public (perhaps I don’t seek them often enough), but have recently begun posting recordings, which I’ve found to be a stress-free alternative.

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      • I’m fortunate, living in Seattle to have many opportunities to read, if I choose: open mics at several bookstores and cafes, slam poetry recitations, and Richard Hugo House (a place for writers) hosts a twice monthly open call to read new works or works in progress. And a dear friend and I have hosted a poetry night for many years on the evening before Thanksgiving. But I understand not seeking out the opportunities to read, to openly share one’s work. This past year I’ve barely written anything, let alone read publicly. However a few weeks ago I was invited to read my work at the Healing Hearts Reception at The Healing Center, an incredibly compassionate place where I attend grief support groups. I’d read at the last reception they held a year and a half ago, and I wanted to read some new work, but I hadn’t really created more than a poem or two. So the invitation got me to sit down and start writing in earnest. Only a few rough drafts resulted, but it got me started. When I read to the intimate room of around 30 attendees, I could feel how my words touched them. I’ve always appreciated the feedback and encouragement I’ve received when I was posting my work on my blog regularly; it’s so much better than just writing into a void. But to hear a room of people exhale, to realize that they’d collectively held their breath through the last line, to see softened eyes, some even moistened— it’s an incredibly profound experience of human connection for me.

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  1. Your work is always amazing to read and hear! I always look forward to your poetry.

    By the way, I don’t know if you remember. It a few years back you gave me somewhat of a tarot reading on fb. I’d love another if you ever have time. Would also love to re-connect, poet to poet.

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      • Ha ha… I can’t forget bacon 🥓 either. The mind altering taste of the salt brings me to my knees.

        And Will do! Thanks so much will be contacting you very soon.


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