15 thoughts on “New Poem Up at Outcast Poetry

    • Hi Daniel. I don’t mind at all. The answer is a resounding NO! There’s no money in poetry – there are few paying markets, and even those don’t pay much, and the competition is fierce. Many poets make a living by teaching in higher education, but that’s become more difficult to do, as fewer tenure track positions exist, as budgets are stagnant or reduced and colleges and universities reply on adjuncts (poorly paid temporary instructors) to meet staffing needs.

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      • In our culture, writers and artists are supposed to give their work away for free…I was just talking with an (artist) friend of mine about this the other day. To live, we do whatever someone will pay us to do (that we are able to or willing to do that is).
        And of course congratulations. I like what I see on Outcast Poetry. (K)

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      • Yeah. Sounds like a dead profession. Don’t think under the current administration funding for the arts will improve either.

        It’s a shame, really. Us poets have to stick together, and that’s harder to do when you have to go the unofficial path, but maybe that just makes it more interesting…

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