Journal Publications (January – February 2017)

Links to my publications for January – February 2017:

The Slag Review
“Scarecrow Pretends”

Sourland Mountain Review
“I Praise the Moon Even When She Laughs”

Silver Birch Press “Me at 17” Prose and Poetry Series
“Letter from Kansas”

Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine
“Runaway Bus”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry
“What We Say When We Say Nothing”

“Palinode (sol, ischemia, night)”

Steel Toe Review
“How to Do Nothing”
“And All Around, the Withered”

B. McClellan’s Weblog (International Poetry Month)
“From Left to Right I Ponder Politics and Kanji”
A Brief History of Babel”

Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art
“Henry Lee Remembers Grandmother’s Garden”
“What are You Going to Do (Cento)”
“The Draft”
“Diverting Silence”



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