Journal Publications (June – August 2017)


I thought it might be worthwhile to assemble these in one place, to make it easier for anyone interested in reading my recent publications.

MockingHeart Review
“This Island is a Stone”

Vox Populi
“Scarecrow Calls Out the Man”

The Icarus Anthology
“Shadow Charm”
“Forgetting Charm”

Blue Fifth Review

The Mantle

The Lake
“Letter to Wright from Between Gusts”

“A Word Bathing in Moonlight”
“Scarecrow Dreams”
“Missing Loved Ones”

Birch Gang Review
“Landscape with Jar”

Blue Bonnet Review
“Buddha’s Not Talking”

Picaroon Poetry
“Memorial Day, 2015”

Bright Sleep
“The Sky Withholds”

“Scarecrow Sings the High Lonesome”

Outcast Poetry
“The Theory and Practice of Rebellion”




13 thoughts on “Journal Publications (June – August 2017)

  1. This is VERY inspiring because it means you will have been rejected at least 3 to 5x as much in order to get to this point. One can only publish this amount if they are (a) really talented and (b) get rejected a LOT. So what a fabulous example you set for the Ganbatte Spirit, Okaji-Sensei!!!

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