Scarecrow Popped Up in Los Angeles


I learned early this morning that my poem “Scarecrow Calls Out the Man” had been reprinted again, this time by CityWatch, a publication out of LA devoted to politics, perspectives and participation. I’m thrilled that Scarecrow’s voice is resonating…

38 thoughts on “Scarecrow Popped Up in Los Angeles

  1. You’ve got a good product there. I’m a huge fan of anthropomorphism so you had me at Scarecrow, but his thoughts are provided by you, and we all know you’ve got good thoughts.
    Is it odd that it ended up in a publication without your prior knowledge?

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    • Thanks, Tami. It might seem a tad odd if a publication devoted exclusively to poetry had done so, but it’s fairly common in the cultural/political sphere. Frankly, I love the reprinting/reblogging. In my view, the point of writing these poems is to communicate, and having the work exposed to larger audiences can only further that goal. But yeah, it would be nice to know that it was happening.

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  2. Scarecrow definitely strikes a chord. I agree with you…poetry should be read, the more the merrier! (but permission would also be nice). It’s good to see your words getting the exposure they deserve. (K)

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