Recording of “A Word Bathing in Moonlight”



“A Word Bathing in Moonlight” first appeared in Eclectica in July 2017.


A Word Bathing in Moonlight

You understand solitude,
the function of water,
how stones breathe
and the unbearable weight
of love. Give up, the voice says.
Trust only yourself.
Wrapped in light, you
turn outward. Burst forth.


“Thinking Music” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

19 thoughts on “Recording of “A Word Bathing in Moonlight”

  1. As always, your intonation adds incredible depth to poetic penetration. The final “burst forth” sends my thoughts whirling (gleeful) – thank you! So glad you offer these recordings. The music sets the pace. Lovely! Are you thinking of a voice album perchance?

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