With No Mountain in View


With No Mountain in View

Like a mirage, you shift ever forward,
blonde hair concealing your eyes, one
long leg draped over the chair’s arm,
a reminder of inconstancy and promises
constructed to collapse. Such power,
such wisdom, at seventeen.
Through the window I see
horses in the paddock, a lone
figure by the road, and steam
rising from the earth. Your voice,
as it was, and mine, as it never sounded,
merged only in fantasy. Something
crumbles at the edge. A crow flaps away.

“With No Mountain In View” is included in my chapbook, From Every Moment a Second, available for order now via Amazon.com and Finishing Line Press.

18 thoughts on “With No Mountain in View

  1. Guessing this captures a photograph (or mental image) combined with deep reflections … and in its mysterious mix of details and lack of specifics (male? female?), I get lost in my own reflections … Intriguing. Someone could begin here and write a novella! In fact, several someones could do so and end up with widely divergent stories … fascinating!

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  2. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it wouldn’t send for some reason…I have been having trouble with that lately, so if it shows up sometime from another dimension, I apologise lol.
    But I love this!! So much in here, and it’s intriguing.

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